Zero Energy and Lotus Estate Properties Free Energy Audit

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Every little bit helps and Lotus is committed to providing advice and services that bring a level of consciousness to environmental issues before, during and after the purchase or sale of your home. We train our agents to think about these issues, we make partnerships that can help you understand the impact of the energy footprint of your current or future home and we are committed to learning, sharing and educating as we ourselves evolve.

We have agreed with Zero Energy for them to provide a unique service to our clients, potential clients and community at large. In conjunction with Zero Energy, we offer a complementary energy audit of your home. The audit will analyze and outline the current energy footprint of your home and suggest upgrades as well as potential financial savings of those upgrades. We will examine these recommendations to determine if the upgrades will enhance the current value of the property or if the recommendation themselves will be useful in the sale or purchase of your property.

Lotus and Zero Energy have agreed to jointly sponsor this complementary audit. We are happy to be of service.

To request your free audit, please email us at

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