We have known Debbie Sutz for over 15 years and have done 6 transactions with her over that time. Not only have we been impressed with her reliable, professional service, but it has always been a pleasure to work with Debbie. She is creative, smart and dedicated. Our most recent experience, however, was seriously a cut above, and ended up creating nearly half a million dollars of additional value for us. (Read more)

We recently completed construction and moved into the oceanfront dream home we built on from the ground up (Debbie represented us in the purchase of the land) and were ready to sell our former home on the Venice Canals. The house went on the market and, over the course of about 5 months, we received several bids but significantly below what we all felt the property was worth. We did not want to settle for a lower price and Debbie agreed, as she too believed the home was worth more.

The feedback from buyers was that the layout and location were great but the house felt dated and needed a lot of work, some thinking as much as $250,000. From Debbie’s perspective, the dated elements were minor and easily altered, such as wall color, textures and finishes, but buyers are not always able to see past these simple things or willing to address them. Her idea was to take the property off the market for a few weeks, clean it up and relist it with a fresh look and feel.

Debbie brought in her designer who identified a few key elements that would easily and immediately change the feel of the home. We did not immediately agree as we personally loved the colors but, since the bids we were receiving were about $400,000 less than we wanted, and based on Debbie’s strong opinion and our trust in her, we approved the changes.

Three weeks and less than $15,000 later, the property was relisted with a totally fresh look and feel. The home felt very different, more up-to-date and more just “move in.” During the first open house, one of the buyers who came in thought it was a brand new listing. Debbie recognized and reminded them that they had toured the home before. In fact, they had previously wanted to make an offer but felt the house needed too much work. When they realized it was the same home they had seen months before, they were shocked. They said it looked and felt like a different house. Needless to say, they fell in love and offered significantly more than they had several months prior and far above anything we had received to date. Within 24 hours, we found ourselves in a multiple offer situation and, within a week, we had an accepted offer for $425,000 more that the highest offer we had received prior to the work. We closed escrow 14 days later with the all cash buyer. I must admit we were shocked that $15,000 allowed us to see an additional $425,000 in profit.

Needless to say we are quite happy with the result. Debbie’s commitment, creativity and knowledge of the market generated nearly half a million dollars for us. We are thrilled with Debbie and her team. There genuine care, intuition and professionalism in this transaction and all those prior show up in every step of the process. We love the home we built and may never move again but, if we do, we are certain that Lotus Estate Properties will be our broker of record.

-Sam L. Venice, CA

Debbie helped us getting our first home in Redondo and gave us invaluable advice throughout our time in USA. Now we moved out of the State but she remains the first person we will ask for everything regarding our property (or investing ha). Her style is brutally honest and very forwarding. I found her a very trustworthy realtor compared to other people who just want to score business with home owners. 

I will definitely use Lighthouse properties again when we want to rent/buy/sell our home in the future. Debbie is very knowledgeable pretty much everything in this business, not just finding a property – but the most important thing is we trust her. Her staffs are also great and we had a friend who we recommended to work with Lighthouse properties with great success as well.

-Annitra J. Redondo Beach, CA


You are Awesome, I can not thank you enough for selling my house in West Hills.

What a Blessing. You sold my house for way more $$ than I originally asked in less than 1 month. I will recommend you to my family
Friends, neighbors to buy or sell their house with you genius lady.

Always on time

-Licet M. West Hills, CA

 Words alone cannot express our gratitude to Debbie and her team. What we thought was too much house for us, turned out to be a little oasis of sanity from the crazy LA world. It’s a cute Spanish-style house from 1927  in Santa Monica whose interior we lovingly restored and turned into a slick, modern Architectural Digest-style killer pad. We work at home, so this place is also a quiet, comfortable place where we get stuff done, invite people over for meetings, and then just relax and entertain when we’re in off-work mode. That alone would be enough to be eternally indebted to Debbie for her smarts, caring, and her death threats. Add to that mix the fact that our property has appreciated about, guessing here, 50% in the year we’ve had it and you have a serious one-two punch of amazingness.

Debbie saw all of this happening. We thought she was crazy. We were wrong.

-Joe W. Paia, Hawaii

Several years ago my family and I relocated to Los Angeles from New York City.  Debbie, Candace, and Claire helped us find the perfect house for our family in Los Angeles.  They took care of all the closing paperwork so we didn’t have to attend the closing from afar.  And Debbie also helped us find local contractors to do some necessary maintenance work on the house.

One year later, we decided that Los Angeles was not for us and moved back to New York City.  Notwithstanding the severely depressed real estate market, Debbie and Claire worked tirelessly over the year that followed to find a buyer for the house at a reasonable price and helped us negotiate a buyout for our tenants.  And they did this work at a significantly discounted fee because they knew we were taking a huge loss on the house.  The sale brought us financial stability and peace of mind.

My family and I will always be grateful to Debbie, Claire, and all the staff at Lighthouse Properties.  They worked so hard for us and helped make a tremendously stressful situation bearable.  I can’t imagine any other realtor putting that kind of time and energy into the sale of a home.  Nobody cares more about their clients than Debbie and the folks at Lighthouse Properties.  Anyone who needs a realtor in the greater LA area would be crazy to use anyone else.

-Yael L.  Bronx, NY

I owned a home that no longer suited my family or my finances. I was acquainted with quite a few realtors but Debbie Sutz stood out as being intelligent, knowledgeable and devoted to both her work and her family. I signed on with Lighthouse Properties and was guided through the complicated paperwork and strategies every step of the way. Juggling with the wavering real estate market it appeared as if a short sale would be inevitable. Of course I baulked but Debbie took the time to counsel me and explain the whole process. I decided to go ahead with the short sale and Debbie helped me through the endless documents and details and my house sold!

Debbie really goes out of her way to make the process as easy as possible for her clients. My son was in the hospital when I needed to sign the final papers, so Debbie had the escrow agent meet me at the hospital so I would not have to leave my son’s bedside for long. That is going above and beyond which, from my experience, is the standard for Lighthouse Properties.

-Susan B. San Marcos, CA

I can’t say enough good things about Lighthouse.  I was fortunate to work directly with the owner Debbie Sutz and she got me the property of a lifetime!  One half acre property in Mar Vista with views, privacy and land.  I never felt pushed or rushed to make a decision which is saying something since I can be kind of demanding.  Indeed Debbie was not shy about steering me away from lesser properties and when the right house was found the whole transaction unfolded in a smooth and organic fashion.

I can’t stress how important it turned out to be to have an agent to feel comfortable with because in doing a thorough search I found one spends an awful lot of time with them!  In that regard I found Debbie to be incredibly personable, funny and good natured, and PATIENT.  That plus her business acumen and the strong support staff she’s built almost made the process – if I dare so – FUN, or at least pleasant and enjoyable. 

I would definitely recommend and use Lighthouse Properties again.

-Kevin K. Los Angeles, CA

I have worked with Debbie Sutz at Lighthouse Properties for many years. She has sold several homes for me and is the only broker I work with. While her listings have a lock box, it’s for convenience only as she or one ofher agents will be at every single showing.  This is very important as they know the property and know what to talk about during a showing.  Its also very important to use a broker with local expertise, Debbie has that expertise having focused on the west side of Los Angeles for many years.   She knows value when she sees it.  Debbie is intelligent, honest, a shrewd negotiator and works very hard.  The team at Lighthouse can handle anything.

-Mary DL. Marina del Rey, CA 

Jennifer  was so friendly, patient and helpful through the entire process. It was my first place and she was by my side the entire time. She had great follow-up with Seller’s Agent and Loan Rep., and stayed on top of everything. She walked me through each step of the way, and ensured I felt comfortable with any decisions that had to be made. I can’t believe how easy the process really was. She literally did everything for me, including driving to my location with any docs that needed signing. Jen really had my back, and was thorough with all the paperwork.

-Tricia H. Marina del Rey, CA

I worked with Jennifer in 2006, when purchasing a 1-bedroom condo in Santa Monica’s Ocean Park area, and the entire process was a total pleasure. She really took time to know me and understand what I was looking for, and would go see places when I couldn’t make the open houses and be my eyes and ears. When we found the place I ended up buying, she advised me on how to optimize my chances, connected me to a mortgage broker, and an independent contractor who helped me refinish the floors, re-paint the walls, and update the kitchen. I’ve continued to work with him on countless things I’ve needed help with at my place over the past 10 years – all thanks to Jennifer’s initial recommendation! I would highly recommend working with Jennifer. She’s incredibly professional and fun to work with – a real partner in helping you find what you’re looking for.

-Sarah M. Santa Monica, CA

I think of Jennifer as a warrior in her field of real estate. She found my wife and I no less than four properties that I made offers on but something always ended up killing the deal but none of that was Jennifer fault. For example, one home that we were in escrow on turned out to have a full blown addition with no permits. Jennifer never gave up and she never complained. She showed my wife and i nothing less than 40 properties, four that we pursued as stated above. We are back in the market for that second home in Marina Del Rey and we wouldn’t think of going to anyone else.

-George H. Pasadena, CA

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