To the end of a tumultuous election…

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To my family, friends and clients.
The last few days have seen the conclusion of the most tumultuous election of modern times. To many of us, the results are horrifying and to others it’s a necessary shake up to a status quo that is long over due for change. My personal views not withstanding, which I am willing to share with anyone who cares to ask, I think we can all agree we are in very uncertain times. The long and short-term economic consequences are, at best, unclear. The implications for real estate prices are equally unclear.

Many of you are considering your options. I am here to offer my firm’s services to help you think through these very complicated decisions. I started Lighthouse, now Lotus Estates Properties, to be of service. Our tag line is Real Estate With a Conscience and we take that very seriously. Over the past few of months, we have expanded our core team to include some of the most thoughtful, professional and gifted agents with whom I’ve had the honor to work. We are all available to have open discussions surrounding this new reality and how it could potentially affect you and your investments. We care deeply about all of you and about the greater community. Please feel free to reach out, even if it’s just for an espresso and comforting conversation. We are here to be of service.

Warmest regards.

Debbie Sutz, along with Geoff Selzer, Susanna Higginson, Ken Wei, Charles Guinn, Jennifer Cleveland, Mina Joukar, Mark Diffie, and the rest of us on the Lotus Estates team.

Debbie Sutz, RE Broker/Attorney at Law
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