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The road to Lotus has been fabulous.

My earliest childhood memories include a passion for integrity, fairness and justice. That passion led to my decision to become a judge. While pursuing a degree at Georgetown Law School, I fell in love with judicial philosophy, the ‘why’ of the law, and the intersection between social norms and the law.

I graduated law school during the deep recession of the early 1990’s. Because all legal government entities had a hiring freeze, a judicial clerkship was out of the question. I reluctantly took a position in a private law firm as a real estate attorney. I gained enormous knowledge but knew I would not be fulfilled long term. A supportive family member encouraged me to pursue happiness. I gave notice the next day. Not long after, I became a real estate broker and, within the first month, I knew I had found my calling.

I loved it. All I did was work. The printer, phone and fax machine (remember them?) became my best friends. I worked hard, did right by my clients and built a strong business with an excellent reputation. Lighthouse Properties became enormously successful. And then the market shifted. It was during the real estate crash that, like many of us, I underwent a personal transformation.

Having grown up in Boulder in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s, I was surrounded by social and political awareness. Everyone I knew was a socially progressive environmentalist. They were ‘conscious’. I knew what it meant but, not until the real estate crash, was I able to embrace it. As I shifted personally, I knew I needed to embrace consciousness in every aspect of my life. I knew my business needed to be aligned with this new perspective. And so Lotus was born. Lotus reflects what we all know to be true. Good intentions and a passion for integrity combined with years of experience results in outstanding service and unparalleled performance. This is the foundation for true success. This is Lotus.

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