To the end of a tumultuous election…


To my family, friends and clients.
The last few days have seen the conclusion of the most tumultuous election of modern times. To many of us, the results are horrifying and to others it’s a necessary shake up to a status quo that is long over due for change. My personal views not withstanding, which I am willing to share with anyone who cares to ask, I think we can all agree we are in very uncertain times. The long and short-term economic consequences are, at best, unclear. The implications for real estate prices are equally unclear.

Many of you are considering your options. I am here to offer my firm’s services to help you think through these very complicated decisions. I started Lighthouse, now Lotus Estates Properties, to be of service. Our tag line is Real Estate With a Conscience and we take that very seriously. Over the past few of months, we have expanded our core team to include some of the most thoughtful, professional and gifted agents with whom I’ve had the honor to work. We are all available to have open discussions surrounding this new reality and how it could potentially affect you and your investments. We care deeply about all of you and about the greater community. Please feel free to reach out, even if it’s just for an espresso and comforting conversation. We are here to be of service.

Warmest regards.

Debbie Sutz, along with Geoff Selzer, Susanna Higginson, Ken Wei, Charles Guinn, Jennifer Cleveland, Mina Joukar, Mark Diffie, and the rest of us on the Lotus Estates team.

Debbie Sutz, RE Broker/Attorney at Law
Lotus Estate Properties*
310-874-4799 direct
310-823-1823 office

*A division of Lighthouse Properties

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Olympics Games in Los Angeles for 2024?


With the recent buzz through out the world over the 2016 Olympic games in Rio, local Angelinos will recall that our city successfully hosted the summer games in 1984.  Many will even note that the 1984 games were arguably the most successful, resulting in a surplus of nearly $230 million dollars, of which LA kept nearly half.

As the Olympic competition kicked off in Brazil, Mayor Garcetti and his team for LA’s Olympic bid were in Rio de Janeiro to make the case for Los Angeles to host the 2024 games.  Just last year, we didn’t have a real shot at the bid, but when Boston’s bid abruptly collapsed, LA stepped into the role of standard bearer for the United States in front of the International Olympic Committee.

What makes LA such a great venue of a city to host the summer games is her venues and geological variety to accommodate the different competitions.  The 2024 Olympics in LA would be a very responsible and responsive way to host the games without huge expenditures.  As a city, we are ready for this endeavor that would bring international exposure for the 21st century, without changing her too much.

Whereas other cities have used the Olympics as a means of improving infrastructure and mass transit projects, much of that work is already being undertaken in LA.  Public transit is and will continue to be the main mode of transportation for spectators at the games.  With the massive overhaul of LAX and the many transit projects planned, it has never been easier for someone to fly into and travel in LA County.

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Independence Day Fireworks at Marina del Rey


Marina del Rey is one of the best locations in LA County for fireworks.  Unless you are one of the lucky few that own a home that Debbie or one of our other lovely Lotus Estate agents represented in the Marina; for the rest of us, we depend on the public parking lots seen here:


The fireworks are from 9:00 to 9:20 pm, with the best viewing locations at:

Fisherman’s Village – 13755 Fiji Way
Burton Chace Park – 13650 Mindanao Way
Marina (Mother’s) Beach – 4101 Admiralty Way


More details can be found at the Marina del Rey Visitor’s center!



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Come Vote! #vote2016 California

This election year we were glad to welcome California voters into one of our offices for the 2016 primary.

Though voting is part of being an American citizen, we believe the process is more importantly about cultivating a community. It was a delightful experience to host and work with the wonderful volunteers from the Los Angeles Registrar of Voters.

Crowds were largest in the mid morning and later afternoon. I would say that the crowd was minimal at noon, so remember that tip for Tuesday November 8, 2016! #vote2016!





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Solar Power – Part 1 – Lease or Buy?

We are sharing a multipart commentary on the idea of going with solar panels for your home. 

The state of California has set new rules for compensating rooftop solar panel owners. Previously only those home owners with tens of thousands of dollars upfront could afford to buy and install solar panels on their roof.  In recent years there has been an array of leasing and financing options.

So now what?   Should you lease or purchase?  Go solar now or later?  First and foremost we will to educate you on the differences between buying vs leasing solar panels.


Buying and owning your solar panels:

1- You get all the advantages of the Renewable Energy Credits including the Federal Tax Credit for solar energy (up to a 30% rebate on your tax return for 2016)

2- All the collected energy from your solar panels goes to you and most home owners will end up paying very little to their electric utilities (except in cloudy weather).

3- You can legally sell the solar panels before or during the sale of your home, potentially receiving a higher green premium on a new appraised value.  Many home buyers now recognize solar power as a justifiable premium and value when on the market for new property.

Leasing your rooftop solar panels:

1- You can’t claim ownership or get credit for a federal tax rebate.

2- The solar leasing company owns the power generated from the panels on your roof, and though you may get a slight reduction on your monthly bill, you are still paying the solar leasing company for the electricity used from the solar plans.  In essence the solar leasing company becomes one of your electricity providers and may still have to pay your traditional utility when not enough solar electricity is generated for your home.

3- Transferring your property, such as in a home sale with a solar lease may be problematic.  Solar leasing contracts often require the new owner to take over the lease terms and becomes unattractive to home buyers.

At the end of the day it may be beneficial to buy your solar panels through PACE financing and the HERO program.

Contact for any questions about leasing or buying solar panels for your home and how it affects the future sale of your property. 


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