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We are first and foremost a real estate brokerage business. So, of course, you look to us to execute your transaction from beginning to end. All the negotiations, inspections, regulations, title, escrow and paperwork are core to every transaction we facilitate. We are a professional, values driven firm with a great deal of experience, discretion and discipline. Whether representing buyers or sellers, we are dedicated to maximizing value while always conscious of our obligation to do well by doing good. Our services reflect those values.

The value of your home is predicated on a number of factors. Our services are designed to help you maximize that value.


Every little bit helps and Lotus is committed to providing advice and services that bring a level of consciousness to environmental issues before, during and after the purchase or sale of your home. We train our agents to think about these issues, we make partnerships that can help you understand the impact of the energy footprint of your current or future home and we are committed to learning, sharing and educating as we ourselves evolve. As part of our commitment, we offer the following services:


We have agreed with Zero Energy for them to provide a unique service to our clients, potential clients and community at large. In conjunction with Zero Energy, we offer a complementary energy audit of your home. The audit will analyze and outline the current energy footprint of your home and suggest upgrades as well as potential financial savings of those upgrades. We will examine these recommendations to determine if the upgrades will enhance the current value of the property or if the recommendation themselves will be useful in the sale or purchase of your property.

Lotus and Zero Energy have agreed to jointly sponsor this complementary audit. We are happy to be of service.

To request your free audit, please email us at


Buying, selling or upgrading, come talk to us.

One of the more innovative and impactful programs that we have found is the Hero residential financing program. Having financed in excess of $1 billion dollars of water and energy efficiency improvements, the program is a smart, elegant and affordable way to improve your home in a socially responsible manner. We are trained to help you with this program and work with contractors to make being efficient painless.

The program is unique and powerful, but at times could create some minor complications for a transaction. Whether you are selling a Hero Home, buying a Hero Home or upgrading your home to be a Hero Home, come talk to us. We will make the transaction clear, seamless and simple and work with you to maximize the value of the Program.


When we are recommending a house for a client, we don’t push for the biggest or the most expansive, rather we recommend the one that best fits those clients’ requirements. Big and bold is sometimes right and sometimes just doesn’t fit. We like to help our clients choose better, not just bigger.


If you look at our resources page, you will see that our recommended vendors have strong green pedigrees. The resources on that page will evolve as the market evolves and they will always represent the best solutions that combine, quality, cost and responsibility.

Lotus is pleased to help you evaluate, choose, finance and reduce the environmental footprint of your home…a uniquely Lotus offering. As with everything we do, our goal is to be of service.


Sexy really does create value.

We are not designers or contractors. That said, we have a deep awareness in both fields, know what sells and we take it on as part of our services. We are here to discuss what will increase the value of your home and help you do what is necessary to create that value.

Over the past years, we have often helped our clients by suggesting upgrades from as minor as a bit of paint to some heftier improvements. Our recommendations are based on years of experience and we always look hard at the numbers. We have examples of less than $20,000 in paint and touch up creating a swing in excess of $400,000 and an investment of $15,000 driving a home to sell in 2 weeks when similarly priced homes in the same market sat for months.

It is our experience that buying a house is part left brain and part right brain. Of course location, size, lot, view etc. are all determining factors in pricing a home. The more subjective, creative elements including, design, color, energy and feel, elicit emotion that profoundly affect purchase decisions. Althought it is difficult to determine the precise financial impact of these elements, our experience has shown that a well put together and presented home can swing a price as much as 20% or be the difference between a home selling quickly or sitting for months and with a for sale sign outside.

Our resources page is available to you for any work you choose . They are they same trusted resources we use when helping to advise you on preparing your home for sale.


There is no doubt that staging is a powerful tool. There are several resources we use to dress a home with art and furniture that makes it sexy, inviting and comfotable to potential buyers. The right staging often translates into enormous, otherwise unrealized value. Lotus, can facilitate the staging of your home when we all agree it’s in your best financial interest.

Anything you need, please do not hesitate to ask. Lotus is here to be of service.

HERO is the fastest growing residential energy efficiency financing solution in the country.

Live Smart. Live Safe. Live Comfortable Energy Audit – Efficient Implementation.