Lotus Estate Properties
is dedicated to a higher
level of service.


Lotus Estate Properties emerged as the result of 16 years of continuous work and success, personal growth and a keen awareness of the social and cultural changes affecting real estate trends in Southern California.  As the estates division of Lighthouse Properties, we are building on our success by maintaining a focus on integrity while integrating personal, environmental and cultural considerations that our clients increasingly embrace.  Lotus Estate Properties is dedicated to a higher level of service and consciousness to help our clients not only have a successful transaction, but also to create the lifestyle they seek while supporting the values they maintain.  We love this business, are extremely knowledgeable and have launched Lotus Estate properties to bring a higher order of service to the real estate brokerage business.

Debbie Sutz , founder of Lighthouse and Lotus, graduated from Georgetown Law School and was admitted to the California Bar Association in 1994.  Seeking a more entrepreneurial lifestyle, Debbie started Lighthouse in 2000 and the firm soon became one of the most successful and respected real estate brokerages in the Marina Del Rey/Venice area.

Over the past 15 years, the community that Lighthouse serves has evolved enormously. We went through the highest highs followed by the worst real estate recession since the great depression. Over the past few years, our local market and has reemerged stronger and more vibrant than ever and Lighthouse is evolving right along with it as it transitions to Lotus Estate Properties. Lotus is designed to represent and support a community that is more mature, environmentally aware, culturally forward thinking and spiritually and artistically inclined.  As the community has evolved, so have we.

We are committed to a greener community

We have developed relationships with architects, financiers, and contractors that are dedicated to environmental responsibility. When you do a transaction with Lotus, we provide energy audits, roadmaps, and resources to help your new house become not only a safe and comfortable home but a responsible one as well.


Lotus is built on a number of core ideas and values that have concrete impact on our clients and business.  These values are important to understand as you begin a relationship with our company.

Buying or selling a home is a lifestyle choice not just a transaction…

A home requires a profound financial, emotional and physical commitment.  When you work with a Lotus agent, you are working with someone who is committed to helping you on all levels to create the lifestyle you are seeking.  Lotus values long term relationships and provides numerous resources to support our clients during this critical personal decision and transition.

We are committed to a greener community…

We have developed relationships with architects, financiers and contractors that are dedicated to environmental responsibility.  We provide, as a courtesy to our clients and community members, energy audits, roadmaps and resources to help your house become not only a safe and comfortable home, but a responsible one as well.

We are first and foremost of service to  clients…

Real Estate is a creative and complex business. There are times when it’s important to move quickly and there are times to proceed with vigilance. Our job is to help navigate the transaction with the greatest protection while maintaining alignment with your long terms goals. Our commitment is to help you maximize value and meet your personal and financial requirements. Whether it’s transactional, design, environmental upgrades or renovation advice, we are here to help facilitate. We don’t just help you buy or sell a property. We specialize in making lasting friendships with clients by providing sound advice and unparalleled protection during enormous personal, financial and lifestyles transitions.

Lotus is professional, knowledgeable and detail oriented…

Although real estate is a creative business, it also requires discipline and attention to detail. We are professional in our approach and are always aware and protective of our clients best interests.  We are versed in the law, contracts, and the art of negotiation and have the depth of experience to know what is a critical detail and what is just noise in the system. We get transactions done and done right. Your financial and legal protection is our top priority.

Our business is built on trust…

Over the past 15 years, one thing we have confirmed for certain is that success is built on repeat and referral business that comes from the personal touch and commitment to professionalism and values that are necessary for our client’s success. Building that trust is central to every decision we make. Placing our clients’ requirements first not only feels right but has also proven to be a good business model. Living that model has earned us a reputation of being trusted, creative and professional real estate partners.

Thank you from all of us at
Lotus Estate Properties